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2017 Cemetery Blessing
2017 Cemetery Blessing
2017 Cemetery Blessing
2017 Cemetery Blessing
2017 Cemetery Blessing
2017 Cemetery Blessing
2017 Cemetery Blessing
2017 Cemetery Blessing
2017 Cemetery Blessing
St Matts
St Matts1
St Matts6
St Mary St Matt
Joseph St Matt
May Crowning St Matts
May Crowning St Matts2
May Crowning St Matts3
May Crowning St Matts1
St Matts5
St Matts2
St Matts Easter
St Matts 5
Lent St Matts
Festival St Matts
St Matts Festival
St Matthew
St Matthew Pic
St Mary's Church
St Mary's Church
St. Mary's Altar

2017 Cemetery Blessing

Welcome to St. Matthew Parish

Come Visit Us!

We are a small country parish and welcome all visitors to come worship with us. If you enjoy your visit with us and wish to become a registered member, please see Father, Linda Fryman, Rosanne Rawe, or Lisa Cooper after Mass to fill out a registration form. We pride ourselves on being a faith family that welcomes all to join and get to know us. If you aren't Catholic or would like to know more about the Catholic faith, please call the rectory (859-356-6530) and leave a call back number or see Fr. Straub after Mass. Bless you!

Giving Tree-The giving tree should be up before the weekend. 

Sock Project for CCD- We will be bringing in new, warm socks for the CCD classes to use in their yearly service project of sock donations to the homeless. Please bring in new socks for this purpose. They must be in by Dec. 10. Thank you.

Immaculate Conception Mass- The Mass for Immaculate Conception will be held on Thursday, Dec. 7, at 7PM.

Second Collection for Retirement Fund for Religious-On the weekend of Dec. 9 and 10 there will be a separate collection basket for the Retirement Fund for Religious. Please be as generous as possible. Thank you.

Christmas Breakfast and Play- The CCD will be putting on a Christmas play on Sunday, December 17, after the 9 AM Mass with a breakfast following.  You are welcome to attend both. 


 *Prayer List- Jerry & Eileen Ehlman, Sherri Moffett, Charles Taylor, Chris Rauf, Katie Davis, Barry Bergman, Andrew Lauck, Bradley Franzen, Pam Babbington, Dave Kordenbrock, Kate & Colton Sherold, Karen Reilly, Emmitt Thomas, Jeff suffering from Meniere’s disease, Tony Bach, Mike and Bill Lemming, Dave Neuspickel, Bonita and Jim Happe, Andy Sper, Billie Huffman, Larry Slusher, Verna Payne, Roger High, Johnathan Briggs, Cheryl Miller,  Sherry Jackson, Sarah Gripshover, Bill Schneider who is in Dominion Assisted Living, 4009 Seilagman Dr. Florence, KY. 41042 ,Room 215, Ree Wagner, Randy Goodhew, Rosanne Rawe, James Casto,( Patty Neuspickel's son who had a motorcycle wreck), Imogene Fisk, Larry Cappel, Sean Timmerding,  Rodney Gurren, two year old Maverick Orth, Bill Edelbroich, Jim Wolfe, and Mike Lemming.